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As the responsible person in your company or organisation, you want to focus on your core business, and right you are! Together with my network, I take care of the legal and intellectual property aspects of your innovation, from IP filing to licensing and enforcement. We support and advise you on your global branding and IP strategy. We provide legal support for your open source hardware and innovative commons-based projects. We design and participate in technical cooperation projects and organise and conduct the necessary training.

Some of our main areas of expertise

  • Trademarks
  • Trade names
  • Domain names
  • Geographical indications
  • Design
  • Patent law
  • Copyright law
  • Unfair competition
  • Interface between IP and competition
  • Parallel imports
  • Enforcement of IP rights
  • Fight against music plagiarism
  • Public intellectual property law
  • Innovative commons

Intellectual property and innovation

Trademarks, trade names, domain names and unfair competition

Your market presence must be handled holistically. We support you in developing your offline and online positioning through your brands, trade names, domain names and social networks.

You want to register your trademarks, in Switzerland and internationally. We support you in this, monitor your trademarks, prepare oppositions and respond to third-party oppositions on your behalf.

We support you in your branding and trademark creation processes in close cooperation with graphic designers We collaborate with the best specialists, focusing on you, your company or organisation, and your specific needs.

We defend your domain names in particular in UDRP and .ch proceedings. We ensure that you do not become the victim of unfair competition.

Indications of origin

We support you in Swiss Made compliance calculations. We defend companies and associations in the protection and defence of Swiss Made and their indications of source.


Innovation needs stimulation. Applying for a patent can be the best way to protect, finance and disseminate your innovation. We handle legal aspects around patents and work with the best patent attorneys, selected according to their specific field of expertise. We also advise on licensing, filing strategy and invention valuation.


For your designs to be protected nationally and internationally, they can be registered, but they do not necessarily have to be. We support you in your strategy.


To protect and make the best use of your moral and economic rights, we advise you on copyright and related rights. Thanks to extensive musical training, we have developed a proven method for analysing musical compositions, combating plagiarism and avoiding plagiarism risks in cooperation with recording studios. We support you in court proceedings and offer a unique international mediation service in this field.

IP contracts

Negotiating, drafting and monitoring licence, research and development, technology transfer, cooperation, confidentiality and material transfer agreements takes a lot of time. Let us take the burden off your shoulders.

Parallel imports

Parallel imports require a precise definition of what can and what cannot be allowed. We support you in this matter.

Interface between industrial property rights and competition law

We advise companies at the interface between intellectual property rights and competition law (distribution, research and development, cartels and dominant position). This is particularly important in the luxury goods and R&D-based industries.

Authorities and institutions

We offer public authorities support in the defence of their intellectual property, in particular in the creation and implementation of trademark strategies in the field of tourism.

Dispute resolution

Communication is the first step to solving a problem. Therefore, wherever possible, I seek dialogue first. So that sustainable solutions can be found for opposing parties. Where this is not possible, I defend you before State and arbitral tribunals.

I also act as panelist, mediator and arbitrator in intellectual property proceedings.

IP- rights enforcement

Infringements of intellectual property rights in e-commerce on the internet, in social networks and in the metaverse are unfortunately commonplace and cost billions to the economy. We support owners of trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights and indications of origin in their fight against counterfeiting, piracy and cybersquatting.

Further services


Thanks to many years of positive experience (Credit Suisse Award for Best teaching 2007) and great pleasure in teaching in the field of intellectual property and innovation law, I am also happy to organise and provide training courses in various areas of Swiss and international intellectual property law. These trainings can be conducted in groups, in person, or online. I am also happy to organise tailor-made courses for your needs.

Technical cooperation

I develop, evaluate and participate in technical cooperation projects, especially for developing countries. This includes, for example, the design of laws, seminars and workshops. In doing so, I benefit from my many years of experience as the head of technical cooperation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Interdisciplinary projects on the impact of innovation on society

I am passionate – especially as part of my academic activities – about the impact of innovations on society. Together with sociologists and economists, I conduct studies on the impact of new technologies.

Talent scouting

My activities bring me into contact with the best professionals in the field of law. Giving young talents a chance fills me with satisfaction. And when that  allows my clients to find the most capable and motivated collaborators and partners, the feeling is just doubled.


There is a lot to discuss around my areas of expertise. Things are not always clear-cut and opinions often differ. I moderate your events and seminars seriously, with dynamism, and always with a touch of humour.

Warum eine Büroklammer

Die Büroklammer steht für zwei Dinge: Zum einen zeigt sie, dass ein Stück gebogener Draht das Leben unzähliger Menschen auf der ganzen Welt vereinfachen kann. Eine simple Idee kann langfristig sehr erfolgreich sein. Ich bin überzeugt: Effiziente und effektive Lösungen sind meist einfach und elegant.

Zum anderen heisst die Büroklammer auf Französisch «trombone», was auch Posaune heisst. Musik war und ist mir in meinem Leben wichtig. Vor meinem Jurastudium habe ich eine Fachmatura in Musik (Theorie und Klarinette) abgelegt, denn in der Musik kann sich Kreativität am besten und ohne Grenzen ausdrücken. Seit einigen Jahren bin ich fasziniert von der Posaune und habe vor kurzem angefangen, sie zu spielen.

Why a paper clip

The paper clip stands for two things: on the one hand, it shows that a piece of bent wire can simplify the lives of countless people around the world. A simple idea can be very successful in the long run. I am convinced that efficient and effective solutions are usually simple and elegant.

Secondly, the paper clip is called “trombone” in French, which also means trombone. Music was and is important to me in my life. Before studying law, I took a specialised baccalaureate in music (theory and clarinet), because creativity can express itself best and without limits in music. I have been fascinated by the trombone for a few years and recently started playing it.